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Predictions for 2011 uploaded November 10, 2010


- A major construction (real estate) will attract attention around the beginning of the summer. Announced in August the construction of the tallest tower in the world.

- A major problem with Israel and Iran will probably shake the world (probably from the second half).

- Earthquake major (California?), Perhaps on the second part of the year. Reviewed by Anthony added 13 March 2011:
 "I had this vision in late 2010 where I saw a huge earthquake in a place where there were many large building. Then I saw it happen in 2011 and I see also figure 2.
In my mind I associated the buildings in California and the number 2 in the second half of the year.
In view of recent events, I understand that my vision was talking actually two earthquakes in 2011 major in two industrialized countries with large buildings.
The first has unfortunately taken place in Japan and now I fear there will be a second well in 2011 but this time across the Pacific to California. "

- A disaster-related accident or an explosion in Asia. March 12, 2011 explosion in a nuclear plant, which occurred in Japan following the earthquake.

- Major volcanic activity (including Iceland and the Caribbean). New volcanic eruption in the late spring in Iceland.

- Risk of attack in the United States on the East Coast.

- Added December 29, 2010: I feel a great risk of attack against Obama in connection with a dark colored vehicle. I also see the steps of a staircase wide that it could fall before heading to the car.


- Some improvements will be noted in some areas but will not come out yet the world of the crisis and difficulties will still be on the program in May.


- Slight economic upturn for France (favored sectors: fashion, beauty, well-being).

- The banks will generate profits (until the spring and may then find themselves in trouble again).

- A contract or agreement will be achieved important between France and the UK around February.

- Important issue with a fire or an explosion (late winter or early spring).

- Possibility of pregnancy for Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (French First Lady) . Prediction made.

- Sudden death of an important person to May (related to the heart).

- Risk of attack related to transport (plane) and foreign (or overseas) early summer.

- Problem for one (or more) bank (s) in July. Difficulties of stock in July.

- Reduction in unemployment around the summer. Prediction made.

- Important and unexpected decision marriage or adoption (recognition of gay marriage? A step forward for same-sex parents? ...). After the summer.

- Added December 14, 2010: I take this period in which polls show a great unpopularity of the Head of State. To say that I expected one year in 2011 that will allow Nicolas Sarkozy to strengthen and I predict sleep and already his re-election for the presidential elections in 2012.


- Discovery in connection with the heart.

- Major progress on two very important disease.

Space / Astronomy:

- Several light phenomena will be observed in many places (Europe, South America and Asia).

- Another unexpected discoveries and surprising in this year 2011. A star that never should be ...


- Announcement of a wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton near the beginning of the year. Prediction made November 16, 2010.

- Royalist Movement in Georgia.

- In 2009-2010 we saw his predictions, astrologer Anthony planned negotiations on the return of monarchy in the Balkans. A law passed this summer to be given official status and hereditary Crown Prince Nicolas of Montenegro, the first step towards the restoration of this kingdom.
Here are the major predicted announced
Anthony Blégent

pink period or date of the announcement
blue prediction
red the date of completion

Anthony decided in 2003 began to publish (on this site) his feelings, astrological calculations and visions for events on the World. At first he chose not to make his predictions about the events they came to him spontannément.
From late 2009, he chose to make annual predictions of more detailed, focusing on several topics (France, International, Space / Astronomy, Economy, Health and royalty).

Here are the highlights:

- In 2003, announcing the abdication of King Norodom of Cambodia and Shanouk appointment of Prince Norodom Sihamoni to succeed him. This prediction come true in 2004 and King Sihamoni NORDOM is now the King of Cambodia.

- November 2004 announcement of a very large tsunami in Asia. Which unfortunately takes place December 26, 2004.

- Beginning July 2006, announcement of a risk of terrorist attacks in India. Which happens a few days later, July 11, 2006 in the city of Bombay.

- Beginning July 2006, announced the election of Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy to the French Presidency. Conducted in May 2007 (Anthony had also said the number of points of difference that there are between Nicolas Sarkozy and his opponent, which s is proved correct).

- Summer 2008, announces the election of Mr. Obama to the presidency of the United States. Prediction made in November 2008.

- In early 2007, announcement of a major economic crisis and a number of years,.Which takes place from July 2007.

- In late 2008, the problems of inaccessibility of the Channel Tunnel. Which was performed one month later between December 2008 and January 2009.

- In late 2008, announcement of the engagement of Princess Victoria of Sweden and Mr. Daniel Westling. Which was conducted in February 2009.

- End of 2008, diplomatic problems for Pope Benedict XVI. What happened in first part, in 2009.

- In late 2008, which is accentuated finanicère crisis from 2008. Which came true in 2009.

- November 2009, announcement of the Xynthia storm. Which was conducted in February 2010.

- November 2009 plane crash of Polish President. Which occurred April 10, 2010.

- November 2009, floods in Pakistan, in July 2010.

- November 2009, large fires in Russia, summer 2010.

- November 2009, discoveries in gene therapy, gene discovery breathing infant and early recovery of beta-thalassemia (a genetic disease most common) in 2010.